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Deepfakes: Dangers and Developments in California

In the article, “Deepfakes: new California laws address dangers and development”, published by the Daily Journal, authors Stan Gibson and Jessica Newman address two new California laws that have been enacted to combat the risk of “deepfake” videos.

Deepfake videos, in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness, have a high potential for abuse. For the victims of deepfakes, legal recourse may be difficult, as the law is just beginning to catch up with this technology.

Gibson and Newman discuss the implications of the new laws and what more needs to be done.

You can read the article, here.


Stan Gibson is an experienced business trial lawyer and is the Chair of JMBM’s Patent Litigation Group and JMBM’s Art, Wine & Collectible Assets Group. Among his numerous successes is the $570M breach of contract and patent infringement verdict for his client in Medtronic v. Michelson, which is listed in the National Law Journal’s Hall of Fame, a list of the 100 highest grossing verdicts since 2003. Contact him at

Jessica Newman is an associate in JMBM’s Litigation Group and a member of its Patent Litigation and Art, Wine & Collectible Assets Groups. Her practice focuses on intellectual property litigation, , corporate defense and investigation matters, and general commercial litigation. Contact her at